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What we found in the storage space at Studio Focus! Sunshine Coast Photo & Video Studio for Hire

When we took over the studio for hire on the Sunshine Coast last year, we thought it would be a good idea to “revamp” the studio! We painted the office, rearranged the furniture and cleared out the storage space in the attic.

P.S. we are still in the process of painting and rearranging and clearing things - there was so much stuff in there!

Anyway, we threw away A LOT! But turns out when we went back into the storage space last week that there is still a lot up there we didn’t know we had!

Here is some of what we found:

  • Softboxes

  • Light stands

  • Tripods

  • Product Box

  • Paper Backgrounds

  • Material Backgrounds

  • Kids stool

  • Bed side table

  • Reflectors

  • Newborn props

So yay! Now we will be adding some of this to our hire list!


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